Calibration & Repair
Pioneer Petrotech Services has a number of calibration labs around the world. The importance of calibration and the calibration procedure, in ensuring that the downhole sensor does not have dead ranges or pressure and temperature ranges where the data transmitted is erroneous, cannot be under-estimated. To achieve superior results, PPS takes measurements of pressures and temperatures over the full scale of the sensor. Calibration is recommended when the last calibration date is more than one year old, the pressure sensor needs to be changed or when the electrical circuit needs to be changed.



Quartz gauge calibrations are, under normal conditions, valid for very long periods of time. In fact, most calibration shifts are usually associated with events which cannot be efficiently anticipated using a rigid master calibration time frame. Therefore, it is fundamental that calibrations are constantly proven and that master calibrations are re-done (when applicable), if a gauge falls out of specifications. All PPS data measurement tools are shipped from our Calgary manufacturing center with valid master calibration certificates.

PPS Reservoir Monitoring devices are subject to rigorous Quality Control. Irrespective of the type of measurement, the fundamental process steps are the same:

Log Calibration Check Right before shipping to the customer, the pressure and temperature at ambient conditions are measured with the current set of calibration coefficients and compared to the same data provided on the master calibration record.

Calibration-Verification Check
(Applicable to all new gauges, as well as all old gauges returned to Pioneer after a job is performed). Immediately after each job, the gauge is redressed completely. The operational check is concluded by a calibration-verification check over the pressure and temperature expected for the gauge full scale operating range. If the gauge does not pass this check, it will be sent for a new calibration at the calibration lab.

Quality Control / Quality Assurance
Calibration checks should be performed over the commonly expected Pressure/Temperature operating range. Particular attention is given to any discrepancy with previous calibrations to determine its cause before a re-calibration and certificate is issued.

Gauge Metrology Certification
Every memory or permanent tool comes with a calibration certificate that provides a summary of the information obtained during the calibration process, and is valid for the period of one year. Every permanent downhole gauge comes with a calibration document that provides the calculated coefficients and other information obtained during the calibration process, and is valid for the period of one year if the gauge is not installed in the well.
If after one year the permanent gauge is still not installed, it needs to be sent back to one of our calibration labs in order to be re-calibrated. A new set of calculated coefficients and other information obtained during the calibration process will be sent back to the customer when the gauge is shipped.


PPS provides complete gauge repair, refurbishment and conversion of gauges to higher pressure and temperature ranges. Included with all repairs are calibration and a one year warranty for the repair. When gauges are returned to us they are entered into our repair tracking database. The database monitors five stages within the repair cycle; received, evaluated, repaired, calibrated and shipped. This system allows customers and our personnel to see a repairs overall progress and duration. The tracking system sends automated alerts if a gauge has been stalled at a certain stage of the repair cycle longer than the default time.

This system also involves our Business Development Managers in the repair process because they are responsible for sending the Repair report to the customer for approval. This step is integral to a quick repair because no repairs are started without approval from the customer.

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