Remote Data Management

The PPS Remote Data Monitoring system allows clients to retrieve real-time data from equipment in the field. Using a wireless gateway accessed via the client’s wireless carrier, data is transmitted to a secure server at the PPS headquarters. At the job site a surface unit with a wireless internet gateway communicates with downhole gauges or surface loggers.

When the initial communication link is made in Remote Data Monitoring’s web-based platform, each tool is given a Device ID number for easy identification. Data from the tools is stored in the surface unit’s memory and also received and stored on secured servers, designated solely for PPS clients.

The system is capable of sending alert e-mails and text messages to registered users, if the data received from the tools moves outside of the acceptable parameters created on setup. This gives client’s peace of mind knowing their job site is being monitored day and night.

  • Prevents data loss or corruption with multiple location backup servers)
  • Provides real-time readings and charting, as well as historical charting
  • Allows users to download data for any time access and sharing
  • Sends e-mail or text message alerts, if data is outside set parameters
  • Sends remote commands to devices
  • Allows for convenient device management
  • Enables multiple level user administration

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