PPS36 DepthWatcher System

The PPS36 DepthWatcher System is a portable device that runs on batteries or external power adaptor and has a LCD display where an slickline or coiled tubing operator could see actual tool depth, line speed, and line tension during a slickline job.

This device is also equiped with 3 additional 4-20mA channels designed for measuring other parameters. It could be operated on a stand alone mode (Memory) or on a real time mode (SRO) with the use of a computer to display depth, speed, tension and two channel values.

The PPS36 system uses a NEMA 4 type of enclosure constructed for either indoor or outdoor use to provide protection to personnel against incidental contact with the device and to the device against falling dirt, rain, snow, etc.

Depth Accuracy 0.3 ft (0.1m)
Display LCD graphic display (320 x 240)
Memory 1 million samples or 30 hours @ 0.1s sampling rate
Power Input voltage: 6 - 28 VDC, 200 mA at 12 VDC | 100-240VAC,
50/60Hz (with a power adapter)
| 4 D size lithium battery cells.
Depth Alarm Up to 8 with a close to surface alarm
Speed Alarm One
Tension Alarm One
Operation Temperature -20°C to 70 °C
PPS36 Specifications (Rev. 01, 2010-10-21)
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