PPS71PTS Geothermal Logging Tool

The PPS71 PTS Geothermal Tools are designed for extreme subsurface conditions. The robust electronics combined with vacuum flask technology allow these products to perform at 350 °C (662 °F) continuously, for four hours. The PTS tool measures pressure, temperature, and flow profile and can be configured as either a memory tool or surface read out (SRO) tool. The measurements are done with a highly sensitive silicon-sapphire (piezo) transducer, an fast response resistance temperature detector (RTD) and the customer’s choice of either a continuous or fullbore spinner flowmeter. Both continuous and fullbore spinners are intended for quantitative use in flow streams with the spinners’ greatest quantitative application being injection profiling.

For more information on the PPS71, and to discover the best configuration of this tool for specific applications, please contact a Pioneer Petrotech Services representative.

Pressure Measurement
Sensor Type Silicon Sapphire
Pressure Ranges Up to 15,000 PSI
Accuracy ±0.03% FS
Resolution 0.0003% FS
Temperature Measurement
Sensor Type RTD (Pt1,000; 4-wire)
Temperature Ranges 0 to 350 °C (662 °F)
Accuracy ± 0.5 °C
Resolution 0.01 °C
Flow Profile
Sensor Type Reed Switch/magnetic
Spinner Ranges 5 – 7,000 RPM
Accuracy ± 0.25 revolution
Resolution 0.25 RPS
Gamma Measurement
Sensor Type Crystal, NaI
Sensitivity 1 CPS/API
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