Our Advantages
Customers can capture data consistently and conveniently with PPS's reliable and well-made products. Through innovative mechanical and electronic design PPS gauges are resistant to vibration and interference, which helps to ensure that the information collected is correct. The reliable performance of the gauges is due in part to the low power draw which means a longer battery life, as well as the high sensitivity of the transducers. PPS has a long track history of providing downhole pressure and temperature measurement tools, for the oil and gas industry, that are proven to work job after job.


High Sensitivity
Silicon-sapphire (piezo-resistive) and quartz crystal transducers provide high sensitivity for complete data acquisition. PPS works with the world's top manufacturers to acquire the best transducers that consistently provide high accuracy, low drift and high resolution.
Large Memory Capacity
Standard memory capacity is 1,000,000 data sets, but customers can choose an optional memory expansion up to 4,000,000 data sets or redundant memory if that is preferred. Most PPS memory gauges include time, pressure, and temperature in the data set. Although some specialty products such as the PPS 71 Geothermal Memory Gauge, can provide flow rate and casing collar location.
Low Power Consumption and Long Battery Life
PPS provides the highest quality in non-rechargeable and rechargeable power solutions for their tools, with cells available in various sizes, temperature ranges and rate capabilities. Due to the efficient design of the electronics there is a low draw on the battery to power the gauge. For example one single C size lithium battery pack will power a PPS 25 Sapphire Electronic Memory Gauge for one year, at a 30 second sampling rate.
Powerful Data Processing
Every gauge system comes complete with PPS proprietary software. The tool's corresponding software allows users to program sampling rates, download data, export data in multiple formats, filter data, add gradients and annotations, compare multiple files, create professional reports, and prepare Alberta ERCB (formerly EUB) PAS submission files.
Easy to Use
The tools are designed to be compact and light weight for convenient handling and space limited applications. Gauges can also provide continuous multi-test operation because the data from each test is automatically stored in a separate memory block. With detailed manuals, as well as online and on-site training available, end-users can rest assured that working with PPS tools will be quick and easy.
Smart Gauges & Simple Software
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