Located in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta


PPS’s goal is to provide full customer service, helping customers acquire accurate reservoir data in every downhole condition, everywhere in the world, every time, all the time!

Since the company was first incorporated in 1999 as a manufacturer of downhole pressure and temperature measurement gauges, Pioneer Petrotech Services Inc. (referred to as ‘PPS’) has become recognized as one of the global leaders in research, development, and manufacturing of high quality downhole pressure and temperature gauges, surface data loggers, permanent downhole gauges, geothermal logging tools, and measurement while drilling (MWD) tools. PPS also offers project design, management and on-site installation services.

PPS is, as the name Pioneer suggests, a trailblazer creating state-of-the-art products that exceed industry standards. Products are available in a range of pressure and temperature specifications pursuant to customers’ needs. Through innovative electronic and mechanical designs PPS delivers an hybrid electronics module that allows tools to work continuously at 200 °C (392 °F). These high temperature products are also used outside of oil and gas production, being suitable for downhole measurements in the geothermal industry.

PPS works tirelessly to expand their product offerings with new tools like PulseLink a positive mud pulse MWD tool, ESPLink an ESP monitoring gauge and an online remote data access and management system. These new products allow PPS to offer complete solutions for many stages of reservoir development and address critical challenges faced when producing all kinds of wells.