PPS25 Electronic Memory Gauge

The PPS25 Silicon-Sapphire Memory Gauge measures bottomhole pressures and temperatures helping to evaluate productivity during many phases of well development including drilling, evaluation and production. One of the key advantages of the PPS25 is how easy it is to use from start to finish including programming, running a job and gauge maintenance.


  • Pressure Build-up Tests
  • Production Tests
  • Pressure Gradients
  • Pre/During/Post Stimulation Evaluation
  • Interference Tests
  • Fracturing Monitoring
  • Injection Pressure Monitoring
  • Coil Tubing Well Stimulation

PPS25 in Case PPS25 in weatherproof case

The SmartView software has a very user friendly interface, so operators with minimal experience can feel confident running the gauges and retrieving data. Also once the gauge is programmed with the desired sampling rates and durations, jobs can be run consecutively without needing to reprogram the gauge, saving time onsite.



Sensor TypeSilicon Sapphire
Pressure Range6K psi | 10K psi | 15K psi
Pressure Accuracy± 0.03% FS
Pressure Resolution0.0003% FS
Temperature Rating125 °C (257 °F) | 150 °C (301 °F) | 177 °C (350 °F)
Temperature Accuracy± 0.5 °C
Temperature Resolution0.01 °C
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