Digital pressure and temperature monitoring instrument

The PPS31 Wellhead Pressure Logger is a programmable gauge that samples pressure and temperature providing real time monitoring. The logger has a highly viewable LCD display where data can be read and also has built in memory. The intrinsically safe design means this logger can be used in critical environments.


  • Gas Wellhead Build-up Tests
  • Stimulation Monitoring
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Fracture Monitoring
  • Wellhead Monitoring
  • Injection Pressure Monitoring
  • Perforation Monitoring
  • Workover Monitoring

PPS26 Surface Box PPS31 weatherproof case

Safety Rating

C.S.A. Class 1, Division 1. For more details, please read:

Certificate of Compliance


Sensor TypeSilicon Sapphire
Pressure RangesUp to 15,000 PSI
Pressure Accuracy± 0.03% FS
Pressure Resolution0.0003% FS
Temperature Rating-20 °C (-4 °F) to 70 °C (158 °F)
By special order -40 °C (-40 deg;F) to 70 °C (158 °F)
Temperature Accuracy± 0.5 °C
Temperature Resolution0.01 °C
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Optional wireless system
O-ringsViton / Aflas / Chemraz
O-ring grease 177 °C
Weatherproof gauge casePelican 1500
USB Interface cable
Batteries View Battery Sheet

PPS31 Logger Power Consumption
Operating current: 3.0mA (LCD OFF), 7.5mA (LCD ON)
Idle current: 1.2mA (LCD OFF), 5.5mA (LCD ON)
Two D Size Battery (32Ah)
Sampling Rate (secs)# of Days of Battery Life at 85% Efficiency
PPS31 Logger Power Consumption Table 2011-2-8
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