Equipment Rentals
The main reasons for renting are for short-term use or perhaps seasonal and peak-period usage. The PPS tool rental program conveniently provides memory gauges or surface recorders for short- or long-term rental. For a Contractor being able to rent means no shortages of equipment, reduced downtimes, no equipment to maintain and no storage issues when the equipment is no longer needed. We have multiple pressure and temperature ranges and OD variations in stock, and all necessary peripherals are provided with each rental. Tools are available for either daily, weekly or monthly rentals.


Advantages of Renting
  • Lower or no maintenance costs on short-term rentals* - Renters won't have to pay for yearly calibration costs or general repairs of rented equipment (*unless equipment is damaged while in your care).
  • Less down time - if rental equipment breaks down, where possible, a replacement is provided so that customers will not lose time and money while the damaged rental equipment is being repaired. (Repairs costs may be the customer's responsibility).
  • Reduce storage needs - return equipment that is not being used, rather than using office or warehouse space to store it.
  • Avoid hidden costs – cost control is simplified when using rental equipment. When you return the equipment undamaged, the amount on the rental invoice is the amount that you pay.
  • Use modern equipment - PPS updates its inventory on a regular basis, providing customers access to the most up-to-date versions of our equipment. By renting the correct tool or equipment, rather than making due with what is on-hand, you will be able to get jobs done, not only safely but correctly.
  • Free up capital – renting what you require, can free up your capital for more important uses.
Seup An Account
In order to be eligible for the rental program you must have an account in good standing with PPS. Rental charges begin on the day the tools leave the PPS offices until the day they are returned to the office, additionally you will be charged for consumables such as batteries, unless otherwise stated in your rental agreement. If the equipment is irreparably damaged while in your care, replacement charges will be incurred.
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